Corporate Role Play

Corporate Role Play

Corporate Role Play in Thailand Originally from Aachen, Germany, Robin is an experienced trilingual actor, language coach, director and voice-over artist. Holding a BA International Relations (Departmental Honors) from Webster University, MBA Marketing from Ramkhamhaeng University, and currently doing his MA in Directing at Chulalongkorn University (Thai Program), Robin has training in business as well…

Viewpoints Workshop July

I discovered Viewpoints as an acting technique at the B-Floor workshop at the beginning of 2012. Mid 2012 I took another Viewpoints workshop by Nicolaus Artaud.    While the B-Floor workshop was very intense and fast-paced, Nicolaus’ approach was much softer. Both have changed the way that I experience acting and the way I perform….

War and Humanity

  Last week Wednesday and Thursday (24.04..+25.04.) I had the pleasure of working with P’Neud from Monta Production and Stephen Thomas again. The project was called “War and Humanity”. It was a short 15 minute show that we performed at the Bridge on the River Kwae (I know in English we say Kwai, but “Kwai”…