Actor’s Resume


2014-2016   MA in Directing at Chualongkorn University

2014 “The Body Alphabets” by Jorge Parente, physical and vocal techniques developed by Zygmunt Molik and Jerzy Grotowski workshop

2014 Chekov Technique by Carlos Nicolau Antunes

2014 Focus Group: Intensive physical training with B-floor

2014 Contact Improvisation Workshop by Nitipat Ong Pholchai

January-March 2014 Weekly Viewpoints Workshops by James Laver and Robin Schroeter

2013 “Body Illustrate with Text” Butoh Workshop with Vinci Mok

2013 “Zone 0” Butoh Workshop by Yuko Kawamoto

2013 “Into the Bottom Body” Butoh Workshop by Bo Kittiphon

2013“Comedy Scene Work” Workshop โดย อิ๋ว ปานรัตน กริชชาญชัย

2013“Toying with Possibilities” Workshop by Sasapin Siriwanij

2013 “Something from Nothing: Devise and Collaborative Process” Quinn Bauriedel of Pig Iron Theatre Company and Pig Iron School for Advanced Performance Training

2013 “Viewpoints” Workshop by Stephen Webber of SITI Company

2013 Clown Workshop by Nikorn Sae Tang

2013 “I know who am, really…ฉันได้รู้จักตัวตนที่แท้จริง” by โรงเรียนการละครยอดยิ่งยวด

2013 “Body Resonance” Butoh Workshop By Yumiko Yoshika

2013 Masterclass by Ryohei Kondo

2013 “Picture, Posture, Life” Workshop by Pichet Klunchun

2013 “Puppet Theatre for Development” Workshop bu Jampa Lao Theater

2013 “Exotica” Workshop by Sujata Goel

2013 “Lakhoan Kaol: Cambodian Classical Male Masked Dance” Workshop by Amrita Performing Arts

2013 “Fauwn Leb / Identity” Workshop by Waewdao Srisook

2013 “Philippine Neo-Ethnic Choreography” by Agnes Locsin

2013 “Nora” Workshop by Nora Thummanit Nikomrat from Nora Thummanit Thaksin University Group

2012 Khon (Thai Masked Dance Theatre) Workshop for International Artists

2012 “Knowing The Metaphor Of Your Life”: A Drama Therapy Workshop By Sarinrat Thomas

2012 “Easy Mime” Pantomime Workshop by Babymime

2012 “Just Being” Sanford Meisner based Workshop by Nophand Boonyai

2012 “Viewpoints” Workshop by Carlos Nicolau Antunes

2012 “The Body Alphabets” by Jorge Parente, physical and vocal techniques developed by Zygmunt Molik and Jerzy Grotowski workshop

2012 “Moving from Visualization” by Vidura Amranand

2012 “Minimalism (economic & effective) Acting and Movement” by Nikorn Sae Tang

2012 “Viewpoints” Physical Theatre Workshop by B-Floor Theatre Bangkok

2011 Gymlab Stanislavski based acting lessons with John Marengo

07.2010-09.2011 Grotowski ,Artaud and Brecht, forms and  methods with Maurizio Mistretta

2011 Susan Batson technique workshop of ‘need, public persona, and tragic flaw’ with Johann Helf

2004 Director of the play “MrPilk’s Madhouse” by Henry Pilk, 2004

2003 Workshop “ComediaDell’Arte” 2003

2003 Actors Training by Dieter Junk (Stanislavski / Brecht based Actin

g Techniques)

2001-03 Actors Training Niels Kurvin (Stanislavski / Brecht based Acting Workshops)

2001-03 Improvisation Workshops City Theatre Aachen



Combat & Weaponry: Stage Fighting, Basic Sword / Stick fight, Small Arms (Hand guns), Machine Guns, WW1 Rifles

Languages & Accents: German, English, Dutch, Thai (fluent)

Music & Performance: Guitar, Singing

Sports & Activities: Martial Arts (PencakSilat / Kung Fu / Basic Muay Thai), Swimming, Fitness, Basketball, Volleyball,

Vehicles: Car, Motorbike