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Last week Wednesday and Thursday (24.04..+25.04.) I had the pleasure of working with P’Neud from Monta Production and Stephen Thomas again. The project was called “War and Humanity”. It was a short 15 minute show that we performed at the Bridge on the River Kwae (I know in English we say Kwai, but “Kwai” in Thai means “buffalo” and is not very polite). It was part of the opening / promotion for the Thai TV show called “Boon Pong”.


Only few Thais have heard of him. He was kind of like the Schindler of Thai history. He helped the POWs that built the railway line from Thailand to Burma and negotiated with the Japanese for better treatment. 


The series of course will romanticise the entire issue, but it will shed some more light on Thai history. The production looked good.

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