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At the beginning of March the acting class “I know who I really am” started. It was led by Chertsak Pratumseesakhon at the Rainbow Room in Bangkok, Thailand. While the first couple of classes started off to be a bit repetetive for me, I realized quickly that Kru Chert is an inspirational teacher. His lessons about physicality, walk, stage dynamics and connecting with the reality of the situation have helped me again on my path as an actor.

Nong Nice took 2 pictures of every workshop session we had and each picture has a different mood depending on the subject that we studied.

While each session was supposed to be only 3 hours I think we went over-time every single time. Nobody complained, except me – since I wanted to get back home to Sao – because everybody was so much into it. 

I see again how important it is to ‘stay in shape’ as an actor. If you don’t train, you are not as flexible and aware as if you do. While until now I looked for inspiration for my performance inside myself, I have now opened up more to look around me and see how other people react and move and how that can help me.

Stephen and I had a beautiful story about that in Kanchanaburi, but that is another story.

I learned a lot from every person involved in the workshop. Everybody surprised me with their openess and honesty.

On Saturday there will be a show case performance of the play. Everybody is welcome to come and see our work. 🙂


If you’d like to come, give me a ring at 0869488384 

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