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Types of reels you should know about

By now, you've heard the word 'reels' a lot of times already. But there are different types of reels you should know about. 1. Commercial Reel A commercial reel should be around 1 minute long. The attention span of the casting directors you'll be sending this to is...

Follow up on your acting work

All of the people I know that have been successful in the industry constantly keep track of their work. So, here's why you should follow up on your acting work as well: 1. You can use the material for your showreel Follow up on your acting work by collecting the works...

Work on student films as an actor

To work on student films as an actor might not be the first place that you look at for roles. But here's why you should look at it as a stepping stone to bigger projects: 1. Experience Working on student films as an actor gives you the experience of being on set. You...

Kickstart your acting career in Thailand

Are you looking for how to get started on getting acting roles? Well, here's why you should kickstart your acting career in Thailand. 1. There is less competition There are a lot of international movies or international productions coming to Thailand. Though, there...

A different kind of life coaching

Acting coaching might not be the first thing that springs to your mind when thinking about life coaching, they are similar and very different at the same time. In our Fundamentals of Acting Course whether this is private or a group class we work on many different...

Do’s and Don’t’s on a film set

First time on a film set and you feel like a fish out of water? Here are some guidelines on the do’s and don’t’s on a film set for you that people already expect you should know: 1. DO find someone responsible for you The first thing you should do when you arrive at...

New Online Acting Course (Fundamentals of Acting)

This is our first public online acting course! Do you want to become an Actor? Do you want to develop yourself? Do you want to unleash your potential? This new online acting course (Fundamnetals of Acting) will help you to: Learn the basics of actingFind out and...

Online Acting Course

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