I discovered Viewpoints as an acting technique at the B-Floor workshop at the beginning of 2012. Mid 2012 I took another Viewpoints workshop by Nicolaus Artaud. 


While the B-Floor workshop was very intense and fast-paced, Nicolaus’ approach was much softer. Both have changed the way that I experience acting and the way I perform.


I know I can create a lot with a minimum amount of time. I also know how to be in the moment. Experience the creation and let it go again. That is what creates a magical performance.


Stephen Webber’s approach was again different from the other two. By now I am more familiar with the different elements of Viewpoints. Space, Time, Shape, Movement, Composition, Tempo, Emotion, Spatial Relationship, Kinestetic Response, etc. Those are all terms that are becoming my second nature. Playing around with it is amazing. You can feel your environment, and the people within a space, the space itself, the space in between. All the things that you usually blend out.


Stephen Webber’s workshop was a refreshment and intensifying of the technique. I hope Stephen will come back to Thailand. ^^