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The only Western Acting Coach with a Master’s Degree in Performing Arts (Directing) in Bangkok, Thailand. I work as acting coach, actor and arrange castings.
MasterClass Studio is the Performing Arts School of my wife and me.



I have been in love with acting and theatre ever since my high school days. It is a love that continues until today. I glow when I go onto stage as actor. Every. Single. Time.

Acting Coach

I offer acting coach services for both adults and children. For more information about coaching please visit my section on coaching below. I offer a professional actor’s training at our Performing Arts School, MasterClass Studio.


Corporate RolePlays

My experience in the corporate world combined with my actors training have led me to take on jobs in corporate role play. I enjoy corporate role plays as part of my experience as actor and to hone my improvisation skills.

The Language Coach

Some of the bigger productions that I have been proud of being part of were: the award winning movie Patong Girl (the part of Fai, 2014), Schwarzbrot in Pattaya (the part of Anchalee, 2015-16), Herr Lenz reist in den Fruehling (the part of Luck, 2015)


I love the poetry, I love playing guitar, I love comedy. My songwriting is for the stage. 2019 I will celebrate my comeback as stand-up comedian with my guitar.

MasterClass Studio

Together with my wife, I started MasterClass Studio. A performing Arts School and creative Learning Space. If you want to support our project please take a look at our Patreon page. Our Patrons can help us making a difference.

Acting Projects

Active Students

Corporate RolePlays

Cups of Coffee

Make Your Life a Priority.

I certainly will.

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My aim is to inspire you through my art, my music, my theatre and my comedy. I want to touch you, to make you feel alive. I want to inspire you to be more than you think you can be.

MA in Directing from Chulalongkorn University

One of my dreams came true when I studied MA Directing at Chualongkorn University. The studies gave me a deeper insight into acting, directing and myself as a person and a broader outlook in the field of performing arts.

An Actor’s Training is never finished

I am a strong believer in acting as a trade. I train, practice and develop myself all the time. That is one of the interesting parts of being an actor. It is a work that is never finished. There is always something new to learn. I regularly participates in trainings and workshops training various techniques. Some of the workshops I have attended include “Just Being” Sanford Meisner based Workshop by Nophand Boonyai. As part of the Arts on Location program I attended the “Viewpoints” by Carlos Nicolau Antunes, “The Body Alphabets” physical and vocal techniques developed by Zygmunt Molik and Jerzy Grotowski by Jorge Parente. Furthermore, physical theatre workshops as “Moving from Visualization” by Vidura Amranand, “Minimalism (economic & effective) Acting and Movement” by the Thai National Artist – Nikorn Sae Tang, and “Viewpoints” Physical Theatre Workshop by B-Floor Theatre Bangkok. Gymlab Stanislavski based acting lessons with John Marengo. And of course, during my Master’s Degree studies in Directing I have been trained in the Method, script analysis and several other techniques.

Become an actor! I offer an English language actor’s training to help you turn your life around.

I had the great fortune to attend a couple of Masterclass sessions whilst visiting Thailand. Robin brings a wealth of experience, joy, passion and a sincere intention to draw out the deepest potential of his students. He creates a working environment that feels safe, accepting and supportive. It was a great reminder to me of what it is like to be in the hands of a true teacher. I was challenged in a way that has assisted me to clarify my path. I came away feeling expansive and inspired, and grateful to have shared the experience with some excellent humans. I look forward to a long term connection with MasterClass Studio.

Matt Charleston, Actor, Australia

I joined this acting class a couple of months ago. The class is in their home (a house of artists) in Lad Prao, Bangkok and you are immediately in the middle of an artistic, warm energy presented. It is presented by Master Class Studios’ own Robin Schroeter, a man very passionate about this craft and also by his amazing wife, June. He is quite an accomplished actor both on stage and film. His view on acting, in its art form is, in my humble opinion, raw and pure. He comes down to the essence of what it takes to be natural in made up circumstances and really focuses on that. …. I motivate you to do this class. As an actor wanting to gain a truly important skill, but also as a human to learn more about ourself, to help us cope and to understand why we and other folks do and say things. It’s a therapeutic, cathartic and psychological experience. I can’t stress this enough. And I’m super excited to start with the advanced class! Thank you Robin. Thank you June. Thank you masterclass. I love you!

Christian Ferreira, Actor, South Africa

“Interested in acting? Want to gain more confidence in public speaking, presenting or maybe just in your daily life? Give this course a try! You are met with kind staff and friendly people. Robin Schroeter will be your teacher and will guide you in exploring what it is to be an actor and exploring yourself. I cannot recommend this place any higher. Explore your boundaries in a safe and encouraging environment at MasterClass!”

Gavin Bunyaratavej, CEO @ Mango Tree Studios

Sometimes I write About Acting

ภาพบรรยากาศการซ้อมปีเตอร์แพนวันแรกค่า สนุกสนานครึกครื้นกันมาก ตลอดสองเดือนนี้ บ้าน MasterClass Studio ไม่เงียบเหงาแน่ๆเล…

ภาพบรรยากาศการซ้อมปีเตอร์แพนวันแรกค่า สนุกสนานครึกครื้นกันมาก ตลอดสองเดือนนี้ บ้าน MasterClass Studio ไม่เงียบเหงาแน่ๆเลยค่ะ สำหรับใครที่อยากจะดูเรื่องนี้แล้ว รอติดตามข่าวสารได้เลยนะคะ #PeterPan#ANewMusical#IwillADreamOfYouPeterPan#ฉันจะฝันถึงเธอปีเตอร์แพน...

โว้วๆๆๆๆ คอลเลคชั่นของที่ระลึก #TeamPeterPan มาแล้ว ค่อยๆปล่อยมาทีละทีมดีกว่า เรามาดูกันว่าจะมีทีมไหนบ้างนะคะ สำหรับใคร…

โว้วๆๆๆๆ คอลเลคชั่นของที่ระลึก #TeamPeterPan มาแล้ว ค่อยๆปล่อยมาทีละทีมดีกว่า เรามาดูกันว่าจะมีทีมไหนบ้างนะคะ สำหรับใครที่เป็นกองเชียร์ของทีมไหนก็เตรียมจับตาเฝ้าหน้าจอไว้ให้ดี เพราะงานนี้เราจะมีเซ็ทของที่ระลึกขายหน้างานค่ะ รักใคร ชอบใคร เลือกไว้ได้เลยนะคะ...

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