b2ap3_thumbnail_Robin_Actor_Thailand_Evil_Engineer_2.jpgAfter one year of playing featured and support parts in commercials – and one main in a short film (the Exchange, see below) I finally got a main part for a Ford Commercial.


The story goes like this. I got called in for the casting (with appointment!!) at 12am in February. The character was supposedly some kind of scientist, so I had to wear a long shirt and suite pants. As we’re approaching March it can get very hot during this period of the year. and indeed, this was one of the hotter days. 


Usually when you get called to a casting with a fixed time chances are that you don’t have to wait long. When I got there at 10 to 12 (just my german nature) there were already 4 people sitting outside the building and the shop house is still locked. So all of us have to wait until 12.30 until the people from casting finally showed up. All of us were sitting and sweating outside.


Sure enough they took their time with everyone and I end up waiting until after 3pm to get my shot at the casting.

And sure enough I am properly pissed off at the casting by then and having been treated like this I have no intention of hiding it. I’m supposed to play serious and funny.  Funny. Funny you’ll get you bastards!


I don’t care how I play, but I don’t feel funny. I just wanna get out of there and move on.


Turns out, I got the job! 


When I met the director at the fitting, he said, he liked ‘the evil streak’ that I showed. Well if you employ casting directors like that, I am happy to show you more of my evil streak.


The director and team was very cool and luckily, the day before the shoot it rained. So instead of spending my day in the midst of Bangkok heat it was actually nice and cool on the day of the shoot.


The director even invited me to come to the studio on another day and take a look at the footage.


I’m looking forward to seeing the commercial. Robin as evil engineer. 😀


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