My name is Robin Schroeter and today I would like to talk to you about what I call ‘the Peter Dinklage Efffect”

If you don’t know who Peter Dinklage is, first of all, shame on you! Second of all, he is the actor with dwarfism who became famous by playing Tyrion Lannister in Game of Thrones.

In an industry that admires tall people so much – yes, statistically it is much simpler becoming an actor if you are tall and the minimum height for models is 180cm, having dwarfism and being shorter than 140cm can arguably be described as having the odds stacked against you.

So what do I mean with the Peter Dinklage Effect?

Well, Peter Dinklage made it. Despite the odds, he established himself as an A-listed Actor in Hollywood. There are other examples of very short actors making it to the top, like Danny Devito, for example or… but Peter Dinklage is the most recent and he is noteworthy for a few other reasons.

What I think is noteworthy in Peter Dinklage’s success is the way he rose to fame.

  1. He is a trained actor He has a shitload of training
  2. He is a theatre actor Aside from training himself he established himself on stage first
  3. He put value on himself first Instead of taking parts a Christmas elve and the likes, parts that his peers took on to make some money, he made it a point that he wanted to be seen and respected as actor. Just imagine him at the height of his fame and then footage surfacing of himself playing a Christmas elve at an event. He made it a point that he wanted to be seen and respected as an actor first.

Through his training he elevated himself from the crowd. Through his work on stage he established himself as a working actor playing major parts. By putting value on himself he made other people see that value in him.

And then he had to wait. He got some parts in movies earlier on, but he had to wait patiently for the right role to come along. For Peter Dinklage that was the role of Tyrion Lannister. A part that in hindsight looked as if it was written for him. But when the part came along, he was ready. He had training, he had experience, both on stage and on camera, and he knew that this part would establish him as the quality actor that he is. And it did. Because he was ready, and more ready than his peers, when the part came along, he got to where he always wanted to be.

And now…he gets offered parts that usually would go to tall actors. He is playing super-hero villains.

He never sold himself short. He always believed in himself and he trained like a maniac to become the best actor he could possibly be.


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