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ไต้ฝุ่น[Typhoon]: The Remains

We are rehearsing hard to put this production on stage. ไต้ฝุ่น[Typhoon]: The Remains by Ka-Ge Mulvilai.


Typhoon (which in Thai mean “Under the Dust”) is based on the student uprisings from Thammasat University in 1973 + 1976 during which many students were killed under circumstances that have not been completely clarified until today. After the uprising many students, accused of being communists had to flee and live in the jungle.


The rehearsals are in cooperation with Thammasat University at their Rangsit campus. That means that everyday of rehersal I have to travel 2 hours just to get there and another 1 1/2 to get back. Currently we’re rehearsing 4-5 hours per day, but that will increase as the date of the show comes closer. Can you imagine doing that back at home? That is what I call passion! 🙂


Like any B-Floor show this one is physically very challenging and driving all of us to our limits.


Working with Ka-Ge is inspiring and seeing him perform the actions that he wants us to do often let’s you stand there with open jaw. One can only aspire to reach his intensity of performance.


All of the students at Thammasat are very sweet and are working hard to make the performance a success. They have a very fresh energy that you just have to go along with. It’s uplifting.


If we do it right the show will be visually impressive and leave some lasting images in the minds of those that come to see the show.

Typhoon the Remains


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