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Our Roots Right Now – Movement Workshops at Chulalongkorn University


I love joining acting and movement workshops as I feel it is fundamental to my development as an actor. While January was very quiet work-wise I was able to join some high-profile acting workshops at Chulalongkorn University.


I felft privileged to have been invited by Ajarn Pawit and joined as many workshops as I could in Chulalongkorn’s “Our Roots Right Now” Festival.


The great thing about joining workshops and shows at Chula is you always run into people that you know and love. The theatre scene in Bangkok is quite small so after a while you start to recognize most of the faces of those who are actively involved in the community. It was a great opportunity to socialize and to meet people that I haven’t seen in a while as well as making some new friends. 🙂


The workshops I took were:

Experiencing the Beauty of Balinese Kecak by I Wayan DibiaActor Thailand Workshop

Nora by Nora Thummanit from Thaksin University

Philippine Neo-Ethni Choreography by Agnes Locsin

Fawn Leb / Identity by Waewdao Sirisook

Lkhaon Kaol: Cambodian Classical Male Masked Dance by Amrita Performing Arts

Exotica by Sujata Goel

Puppet Theatre For Development by Jampa Lao Theater

and finally

Picture, Posture, Life by Pichet Klongchun


It was the first time that I met and worked with Ajarn Pichet and I definitely hope it was not the last time. He has a very philosophical approach to life and art in general and for sure is a person that one likes to call Ajarn (teacher).


Luckily we had a photographer there to take pictures of Ajarn Pichet’s workshop. It is all about the movements in between. Instead of focussing on the fixed positions as in tradtional Thai dance, Ajarn Pichet likes to put an emphasis on how we move from one point to the next. Here are the pictures of the movements in between… 🙂


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And here are some pictures of the other movement workshops:


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