I started writing about my experiences in the Film Industry in Thailand more than 10 years ago. Over the past 10 years my writings have helped hundreds of aspiring actors to find a foothold into the Film Industry in Thailand.


I am proud and grateful to share my experience with others. Maybe I can help you to come a little bit closer to fulfilling your dream.

Romulus On The Rock – Restage

Romulus on the Rock was restaged on the 7th and 8th of October. The restage was more intense than the first time we played it. Everybody got to know their character deeper. We had a chorus to support the singing, finally a bass player (essential for Rock music) and...

Viewpoints Workshop July

I discovered Viewpoints as an acting technique at the B-Floor workshop at the beginning of 2012. Mid 2012 I took another Viewpoints workshop by Nicolaus Artaud.    While the B-Floor workshop was very intense and fast-paced, Nicolaus' approach was much...

War and Humanity

  Last week Wednesday and Thursday (24.04..+25.04.) I had the pleasure of working with P'Neud from Monta Production and Stephen Thomas again. The project was called "War and Humanity". It was a short 15 minute show that we performed at the Bridge on the River...

The Ford Commercial

So finally it has been finished. The Ford commercial. The director was Jeremy Goodwill from South Africa. We had a lot of fun on set and the people took good care of me. Being the main character definitely has its advantages in terms of the atttention you are getting...

Romulus On The Rock

Romulus On The Rock

The next play that I'm involved in is called "Romulus On The Rock". It is based on "Romulus der Grosse by Friedrich Duerremat. It is an exciting production by Moradokmai directed by Naai Tan.   The picture to the right was taken at our first reading at the...

Reale Mutua 1 of 4

Reale Mutua 1 of 4

Last year in March I had the pleasure to work again with the director Vesa Manninen - he had directed the EuroJackpot commercial where I played the Monkey. The local service production company was Living Films and they took very well care of us. Tim Downey played the...

Short Film “The Red Heart Bandit”

  This short film directed by Sander Kamp is a nice little Film Noir flick that I worked on in April 2012. It was created and submitted to the AIS 9FilmFest in Bangkok. I love the style and the editing. It was a pleasure to work on this production and it's fun to...

The Other Land – Part 2

The Other Land – Part 2

What makes the Other Land so special for me as performer. As artist and actor my major aspiration is to make people feel. Sometimes they feel good. Sometimes we make them feel bad. We show the audience their own flaws. Give them nourishment for their brain.  ...

Signal Toothpaste TVC

Last year the jobs started to come in. After 1 year of casting and never scoring any job, I seemed to get the hang of it. The Signal Commercial was my second commercial project. I was playing a featured extra paparazzi. You can see me a litttle bit towards the end. :)...

EuroJackpot Fun TV Commercial

Directed by Vesa Manninen. I play the monkey. Whenever you see a yellowshirted monkey, that's me. I brought my own wardrobe and some of the other cast members also got to wear my stuff. Vesa is a great director. 2 months later he came back to Thailand and I got to...

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