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Forum-Style Corporate Role Play

At the beginning of November 2017 I did a corporate role play job here in Bangkok. It interestingly involved a forum theatre-style setup. Until now... All the corporate role play jobs that I worked on had other participants of that particular training sitting in the...

Corporate Role Play

Corporate Role Play in ThailandOriginally from Aachen, Germany, Robin is an experienced trilingual actor, language coach, director and voice-over artist. Holding a BA International Relations (Departmental Honors) from Webster University, MBA Marketing from...

How to submit your profile to an agent?

1. Create a Comp Card You can do this easily by going to this website and follow the instructions: or 2. Compile the basic information about yourself: Name:  Age: ...


Die Zeit vergeht so schnell. Jetzt ist es schon wieder 4 Monate her, dass ich in Deutschland war. Hier in Thailand bin ich wieder voll eingebunden ins Studium und habe viel Arbeit (neben der Uni). Ich arbeite momentan fuer ein langfristiges Synchronisationsprojekt als...

Life goes on, Work goes on

After Compassion I worked on The Comments - as actor. Right after the Comments I started my MA in Directing. Jumping from one to the next.    Here's a commercial in which I worked as featured extra. Just for fun na. 🙂  

Compassion Teaser – Rachel’s Dream

  Video edited by Stephen ThomasCamera By Wichaya ArtamatDirected by Robin Schroeter   Compassion - "เห็นใจกันบ้างไม่ดีเหรอ"(For English please scroll down)ละครโศกนาฏกรรม อันแสนหฤหรรษ์   ว่าด้วยเรื่องราวของ "ปีศาจสาว" ผู้ได้รับภารกิจให้มาสังหาร "ชายนักล่าปิศาจ"...


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