What makes the Other Land so special for me as performer. As artist and actor my major aspiration is to make people feel. Sometimes they feel good. Sometimes we make them feel bad. We show the audience their own flaws. Give them nourishment for their brain.


This is special about the Other Land. I haven’t worked on any production yet that compelled people to write as much as this one. After every performance people sit down and write pages about their thoughts and feelings about the performance and their own role in it and their relationship towards the show. Most relfect about their role in society as a whole. They are living, laughing and suffering with us.


Whatever Ka-Ge did he created a truly engaging piece of art. We as a theatre group are one. We as actors and audience are one.


I can’t express how proud this makes me feel. It shows me that we’re having an effect. It shows me that people in Thailand are desperate to express themselves. If you pull the right triggers it all starts pouring out. Pages after pages. There is so much more behind this society than seems.


Personally, I love the parts where I’m directly communicating with people. As a soldier showing them how to operate a gun, as a public speaker adressing them as fellow villagers, as leader first celebrating and then threatening. In one performance even though I played the evil guy, I just had to look at one person and he already got up and wanted to act with me on stage. That’s how engaged he was in the play.


That is what motivates me to give my best every night.





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