This is my first appearance on Thai TV in the Thai Soap opera ดอกโศก. This was actually the second scene we filmed, but it was the first one that was aired on Channel 5 in early May. I am playing together with one of Thailand’s famous actresses K. Jarunee or also P’Pen. It was a big honor. She’s a very beautiful lady.


All lines were in Thai and I got them out. The scene was shot and done within 2 takes. I was so glad. Finally they dubbed it and let K’ Jarunee tell the story. Ah well, the next time.


K’Jarunee is playing my mother, my name is George. She is talking about our final argument. After this argument I have a car accident and die. The argument is about me wanting to marry a Thai girl I met in Bangkok. The girl I want to marry is the the mother (Piyatamon) of the star of the show DorkSoke (ดอกโศก). My mom doesn’t know that the girl is pregnant and won’t allow me.




Sie aeltere Dame die gerade spricht spielt meine Mutter. Ich bin George. sie erzaehlt von dem letzten Streitgespraech zwischen uns beiden (vor 20 Jahren). Anschliessend habe ich einen Autounfall und sterbe. Der Streit geht darum, dass ich ein Thaimaedel in Bangkok heiraten will, meine Mutter es mir aber verbietet. Was meine Mutter nicht weiss, ich dass das Maedel in Bangkok ein Kind von mir erwartet. Das Kind ist das Maedel und Hauptcharacter der Serie. In der Szene entdecken beide, dass sie miteinander verwandt sind….


The next clip shows one of the happy moments in Piyatamont’s (DorkSoke’s mom – แม่ดอกโศก) life. In this scene I ask her to get married with me. I promise to go back home and ask my mom for money. I’m confident that my mom will give it to me since my family is wealthy.


I never come back. After the argument with my mom, K’Jarunee, I die in a car crash. My mom never finds out who the girl was that I wanted to get married to. She never knew that Piyatamon was actually pregnant and was expecting DorkSoke (ดอกโศก) my child.


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